Road Angels Terms & Conditions

This agreement shall be governed, and the terms and conditions construed according to the laws of Zimbabwe. The parties to this agreement do hereby agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates court though RA reserves the right to approach the High Court where necessary.

  1. Road Angels Road Side Assistance Programme covers the vehicle only and not the individual.
  2. Commencement of services to members is two (2) working days after payment of first subscription, and 48 hours for company fleets or insurance companies.
  3. Please ensure a Road Angels identification sticker is visibly attached to your windscreen at all times. Assistance is only available only to fully paid up members.
  4. In the event that it cannot be proved that you are paid up and the control office also is down, Road Angels reserves the right to charge you on site in cash for any services rendered.
  5. Those on the Angel Basic scheme will be entitled to the first 60 kilometres free towing to the nearest garage. Those on the Angel Supreme package shall be entitled to the first 120 kilometres free towing to the nearest garage, while those on Angel Unlimited shall be entitled to free towing anywhere within Zimbabwe. Those on Bus Rescue shall be entitled to free towing anywhere within Zimbabwe; thereafter charges at RA approved rates shall apply. Distance will be measured as two way, from the time our vehicle leaves our control centre kilometres will start clocking.
  6. Whilst every effort will be made to safeguard goods left in towed vehicle, Road Angels shall not be held responsible for goods left in a vehicle being towed.
  7. Road Angels strives to arrive within thirty minutes of a call within town and within 1:30hrs for highways and country roads but we reserve the right to exceed this where causes are beyond our control.
  8. There shall be a maximum number of 4 assists on Angel Basic per year, 8 assists on Angel Supreme per year, 8 assists on Angel Unlimited per year and 4 assists on Bus Rescue per year .
  9. No passengers shall be allowed in the vehicle being towed.
  10. Multiple destinations for the same call out will not be permitted.
  11. For onward destination assistance only one destination will be permissible per call out.
  12. Where a vehicle cannot proceed with its journey, Road Angels will arrange for you and your passengers to be transported by their courtesy car to your normal place of residence within the stipulated radius and only one nominated address will be chosen as a destination.
  13. Only four passengers can be assisted together with the driver per each assist.
  14. Priority will be given to vulnerable persons or persons deemed to be in vulnerable situations.
  15. Road Angels, its agents and/or its employees shall be indemnified for the negligent, whether gross negligence or otherwise wrongful acts and/or omissions of any other persons or legal entity who provide direct or indirect services to a client in terms if this agreement.
  16. In the event of fuel being delivered to a member, the cost will be for the member’s account subject to fuel availability.
  17. In the event of a tyre being delivered to a member, the cost will be for the member’s account.
  18. In the event of a battery being delivered to a member, the cost will be for the member’ account.
  19. Any toll or congestion charges incurred in connection with your vehicle being towed/recovered or any assistance being rendered to you are for the member’s account.
  20. Road Angels will assume that any person driving a vehicle has permission to do so and assistance will be rendered once requested.
  21. The Member has the right to cancel their Membership within 14 days of commencement of the Membership. There shall be no refunds for any cancellations whatsoever.
  22. Members should contact Road Angels within a reasonable time after breakdown to request assistance.
  23. If you are not by your vehicle at the time of the breakdown and you are unable to be present at the time assistance arrives Road Angels reserves the right to refuse assistance.
  24. Road Angels reserves the right to refuse assistance to vehicles involved in any “Motor Sport Event”, including, without limitation, racing, rallying, trials or time-trials or auto test.
  25. Road Angels reserves the right to refuse assistance to a member who requires transportation or of any animal/s.
  26. Vehicles covered shall be eighteen (18) years and below or below 300 000km . Vehicles should be in good working condition and Road Angels reserves the right to carry out an inspection if in their opinion it is necessary.
  27. Road Angels shall have the right to amend any of these terms without prior notice to its members.
  28. The unenforceability of part of these terms shall not render the whole agreement null and void.
  29. No latitude extension of time or other indulgence which either party may allow the other shall be deemed to be a waiver of such party’s rights or shall preclude either from enforcing such right in the future.
  30. No cancellation shall be permitted until the membership lapses and all memberships arevalid for a minimum of 12 months. If membership is cancelled there shall be no refund.